Kevin Schlaufman Seminar

  • Kevin Schlaufman
  • An IDIES Bi-Monthly Seminar
  • When: November 28, 2018, 16:30
  • Where: 305 Olin Hall
    Homewood Campus, Johns Hopkins University
    Baltimore, MD 21218


Kevin Schlaufman is a theoretically-oriented observational astronomer working at the intersection of Galactic astronomy and exoplanets. His most recent work has focused on theoretically identifying and observationally executing tests of planet formation models. Models of planet formation have struggled to explain the diversity of exoplanet architectures observed in the thousands of exoplanet systems discovered by the radial velocity, transit, microlensing, and direct imaging techniques. At the same time, the large number of systems now known permits the identification of weak signals of the planet formation process that were invisible in smaller samples.

IDIES Bi-Monthly Seminar

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