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Limited submission – Computer systems support a broad range of applications and technologies that seamlessly integrate with human users. While many key building blocks of computer systems are today commercial technologies, the challenge ahead is to envision new technologies, as well as to combine existing technologies, software, and sensing systems into the computer systems of the future that will span wearable computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), “Smart Cities,” intelligent transportation systems, personalized healthcare, and beyond. Such computer systems will require new, innovative, and visionary approaches to hardware, wired and wireless communications, consideration of human-computer interactions, and new programming languages and compilers that are limited only by the imagination. They will need to be reliable in the presence of unreliable components, adaptive to changing environments, capable of supporting high-throughput applications and large-scale data storage and processing, and able to meet performance and energy objectives for applications ranging from very low-power embedded systems to large high-performance computing systems. Furthermore, computer systems of the future will need to provide mechanisms for ensuring security and privacy.


Submission Window Date(s) (due by 5 p.m. proposer’s local time):

January 2 – January 14, Annually
SMALL Projects

September 2 – September 19, Annually
MEDIUM Projects

November 4 – November 19, Annually
LARGE Projects

Proposers are invited to submit proposals in three project classes, which are defined as follows:
Small Projects – up to $500,000 total budget with durations up to three years;
Medium Projects – $500,001 to $1,200,000 total budget with durations up to four years; and
Large Projects – $1,200,001 to $3,000,000 total budget with durations up to five years.

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