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PA 17-289

The goal of this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is to efficiently use the existing cancer registry infrastructure by augmenting data already collected by the registries with additional information needed to understand health disparities among people diagnosed with cancer. Specifically, this FOA will support the study of factors influencing observed health disparities within the framework of population-based cancer registries by the inclusion of data not routinely collected by or linked to the registries. The studies should be hypothesis-driven and multidisciplinary approaches are encouraged. Investigators can leverage the data already collected by the registries to investigate the determinates of health disparities. The goal of these analyses will be to understand why disparities in cancer treatment and outcomes persist by identifying factors contributing to disparities and their relative importance.

Cancer registries represent a sampling frame of cancer patients that contains considerable information for investigating the factors that contribute to health disparities in the United States (US) population. This registry information includes characteristics of the cancer at diagnosis, information about the patient (e.g., demographic factors), treatments received, and mortality outcomes. Awards made and projects conducted through this FOA would leverage existing data collected by registries to support hypothesis-driven studies that include a targeted sample of cases. Registry data would be augmented to include information not routinely collected within the cancer registries.


February 5, June 5, & October 5, Annually

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