JHU Faculty and Researchers who are affiliated with IDIES can submit sponsored funding applications through the institute. All projects that are being submitted through IDIES must have characteristics and/or objectives that align with the mission of the institute. Such characteristics and/or objectives include: the multi-disciplinary or cross-institutional composition of the research team, the requirement of computational resources that are otherwise beyond their means, the application of advanced computational techniques, the development of computational tools and techniques, the application of novel computational methods to new areas of science or engineering research and education.

Submit a Grant through IDIES

To take advantage of this benefit simply email our Sr. Administrative Manager Margie Gier at mgier1@jhu.edu or call 410-516-3361 with the following information:

  • Link or number to the RFA or PA (if available) as soon as you start thinking about submitting a proposal
  • Names of all related personnel, their percentages (effort and/or salary) and their contact information.
  • A working budget (equipment, supplies, travel, data management costs, participant costs)
  • IRB or IACUC considerations
  • A list of all sub-contractors and their contact information
  • Contact information for your local administrator
  • A project title and summary

To allow for time to assemble the official budget and get signatures on face pages, cover sheets and routing sheets we request that all preliminary materials are received by us at least 10 business days in advance of the application deadline. Each proposal is fundamentally different. We recommend that you allot at least one month’s preparation to compile all the necessary documents. Review your proposed submission timeline to account for all documents from sub-awardees and collaborators as these typically take longer to receive.

Apply for IDIES Seed Funding

The goal of the IDIES Seed Funding Program Initiative is to provide seed funding for data-intensive computing projects that (a) will involve areas relevant to IDIES and JHU institutional research priorities; (b) are multidisciplinary; and (c) build ideas and teams with good prospects for successful proposals to attract external research support by leveraging IDIES intellectual and physical infrastructure.

Eligibility is limited to faculty and research scientists from multiple (at least two) departments at the Johns Hopkins University who can serve as Principal and Co-Investigators, and who have not previously been selected to receive an IDIES Seed Funding Program award for the same collaboration and/or project in the past.

The Seed Fund Award will be for up to $25,000 over 12 months.

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Explore Big Data Funding Opportunities

It is the goal of IDIES to bring together multidisciplinary teams to drive the underpinning research base of data science and address challenging issues. This multidisciplinary approach has the potential to revolutionize big data with tools that can combat illness and crime, and expand our view of the universe while fueling unexpected innovation. Please take the time to explore the listings posted on our site and if you are interested in submitting an application through IDIES please follow the instructions under grant submissions.

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How IDIES Awards are Administered

Any awards that result from a sponsored project application submission through IDIES will be reviewed and established within the JHU financial infrastructure through the collaborative efforts of both the KSAS Divisional Business Office and the Divisional Business Office of the school in which the Principal Investigator primarily functions. The post-award general administrative function will be managed by the primary department of the awarded Principal Investigator. The primary department is responsible to ensure compliance with any laws, regulation, and adherence to all terms and conditions of any agreements resulting from an award through IDIES.