Hackathon Registration is now closed.

The Institute for Data Intensive Engineering and Sciences will host a 3D Visualization Hackathon on Saturday June 9, 2018 from 9-5. Like all hackathons, this event will be participant-driven. We left plenty of space on the Registration Form for you to tell us what visualization problems you want to tackle. We’ll tailor the schedule and breakout groups around tasks and topics you’re interested in.


  • Share your knowledge, experience, and ideas with other participants
  • Build demos or examples, such as
    • Display data in an immersive javascript/HTML-based VR Scene for Oculus Rift
    • Create a 3D movie of particle flow in the ocean
    • Create an immersive VR movie of streamlines
  • Create a Github Repository and populate it with, e.g.
    • code examples in MATLAB, python, etc
    • demos and examples from breakout groups
    • useful resource such as libraries and tools
  • Documentation
    • notes and lessons learned
    • links to resources, github repo(s), etc
    • next steps

Registration and Attendance

Attendance is capped at 30 attendees due to space restrictions. Fill out the Hackathon Registration form to save your spot!

IDIES affiliates enjoy priority registration. Priority registration ends at 5pm on May 26, after which time registration forms from non-affiliates will be processed. If you are not yet an affiliate, you may join IDIES and take advantage of priority registration. If you are registered for the hackathon, once you join your registration will become prioritized. Please go to idies.jhu.edu/join/ to find out how to become a member.

After 5pm on May 26 2018 registration will remain open on a first-come, first-served basis as space allows.

Tools and Organization

Leading up to the hackathon, we will use Slack to discuss the schedule, topics, and preparation. You will be invited to Slack once your registration has been processed.
We will use a shared folder on Google Drive to share organizational documents, and to record the output from the hackathon itself. Post-hacks, IDIES will transfer that knowledge to our website and our Affiliate Knowledge Base (in prep).


This event is restricted to Johns Hopkins affiliates. If you are not affiliated with Johns Hopkins, but would like to attend, you must be sponsored by an IDIES full (faculty) affiliate. Please contact idies-webmaster@lists.johnshopkins.edu for more information.