Towards Super-Resolution 3D Galaxy Images

Ching-Wa Yip, Tucker Brownell*, Physics and Astronomy


Integral Field Unit (IFU) Spectroscopy is a powerful tool to probe galaxy properties in modern astronomy. These 3D data vary not only as a function of spectral wavelength but also the 2D position on a galaxy. While providing the much needed high wavelength resolution for physical parameter estimation, the IFU observations are still limited by the spatial resolution that they can achieve. Here we present an on-going effort to reconstruct super-native resolution IFU spectra by using the Compressive Sensing technique. The first results show a dramatic improvement in the spatial resolution of the Calar Alto Legacy Integral Field Spectroscopy Area (CALIFA) Survey galaxy spectra, where the galaxy images from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) are used to impose a flux conservation constraint between the CALIFA and resampled SDSS pixels.