The Institute for Data Intensive Engineering and Science (IDIES) will foster education and research in the development and application of data intensive technologies to problems of national interest. The institute will provide faculty, researchers and students with the structure and resources needed to accomplish these goals.


Develop intellectual leadership within IDIES to address research challenges related to the “Science of Big Data”, and establish a group that leads the world in new discoveries enabled by next-generation data sets and analytics. Additionally, IDIES leadership will continue to provide coordination of integrative activities, such as seminar series and visitors.



Provide vision, leadership, and oversight for high performance and data intensive computing across all of JHU. Utilizing the same spirit proven to be highly successful over the last four years (HHPC and MARCC) to maintain a large shared facility and enable the leverage needed to seek and secure future funding opportunities.



Manage and grow existing IDIES high-performance computing facilities to become a more substantial resource as we seek new funding, new partnerships, and to attract new affiliates to IDIES.



Become an incubator for creating, curating, and publishing new data sets at JHU that could be preserved within the JHU Data Archive. This would give the group an “unfair advantage,” name recognition, and additional leverage, while also motivating and focusing research around challenges and opportunities of dealing with Big Data.


Work with JHU academic departments to establish and develop new masters, graduate, and undergraduate programs that address the emerging need for a workforce with data analytic skills.



Continue to develop mutually beneficial corporate partnerships, and through these affiliations transform research into sustainable, real-world applications.