Just as IDIES offers its rich and varied datasets to the research community, we also offer data to students and the general public. Students can learn science using the same data that researchers use. Online volunteers can help the cause of scientific research through citizen science activities.

2016 Johns Hopkins Physics Fair

On Saturday, April 16th 2016, IDIES participated in the thirteenth annual Physics Fair at the JHU Department of Physics and Astronomy. A team of volunteers hosted an exhibit booth on the second floor of Bloomberg Hall at JHU. The biggest hit of the exhibit was a three-dimensional flythrough of the Universe created by former IDIES member Miguel Aragon y Calvo. Other activities included a scale model of the Earth and Moon, and a build-your-own spectrograph activity.

Hundreds of people came to the IDIES booth over the course of the day, including many families with small children. Thank you to IDIES members Andre Gregio, Ani Thakar, Rafael Santos, Jordan Raddick, Cheryl Jenkins, Mehwish Zuberi, Lenalee Fulton, and Manu Taghizadeh-Popp for volunteering!


Data in the Classroom

IDIES makes its data available to students and teachers, with interactive standards-based lesson plans for teaching science, math, and technology at the middle school, high school, and college levels. See the links below for the sites where the lesson plans are hosted.

  • The SkyServer site of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey gives you access to complete data for hundreds of millions of stars and galaxies. The site includes visualization tools and educational projects for learning science through the sky.

  • The Life Under Your Feet wireless sensor network gives you access to years worth of automated measurements of soil properties at research sites all over the world.

Citizen Science

IDIES is a founding member of the Zooniverse citizen science project. Zooniverse lets you make a contribution to one of many different citizen science projects in areas ranging from astronomy to ecology to climate science to archaeology. Click the link below to explore for yourself!



IDIES researchers frequently attend science outreach events to demonstrate our exciting new approach to science, including the annual Johns Hopkins Physics Fair and the USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington, DC. The picture below shows IDIES Director Alex Szalay at the USA Science and Engineering Festival.