Eleven IDIES Members Receive JHU Discovery Awards in 2018

Johns Hopkins University recently announced recipients of the JHU Discovery Awards. The 2018 Awards were awarded to 30 faculty teams across eight Johns Hopkins divisions. Discovery Awards provide grants to cross-divisional teams, whose work is poised to make new discoveries or creative works. Recipients were chosen from nearly 200 proposals.

Over one hundred Johns Hopkins faculty members comprise the winning teams, including IDIES Director Alex Szalay. Members of IDIES were well represented, with eleven IDIES affiliates on six Discovery Teams.

Picture of Peter Zandi

A Computational Psychiatry Approach to Investigate Effort Valuation in Major Depressive Disorder

Fernando Goes (Medicine), Vikram Chib (Medicine) & Peter Zandi* (Public Health)

*Shown above

Picture of Gregory Hager

Automated Breast Cancer Screening on Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (3D Mammography) Using Deep Learning Systems

Susan Harvey (Medicine) & Gregory Hager* (Engineering)

*Shown above

Pictures of Johnathon Ehsani, Takura Igusa, Tamas Budavari, Lingxin Hao

Averting an Autonomous Vehicle Winter

Johnathon Ehsani* (Public Health), Tak Igusa* (Engineering), Tamas Budavari* (Engineering), Jon Vernick (Public Health) & Lingxin Hao* (Arts & Sciences)

*Shown clockwise from upper left: Johnathon Ehsani, Takura Igusa, Tamas Budavari, Lingxin Hao

Picture of Michael Schatz

Improving Disease Gene Discovery Rate with Long-Read Nanopore Sequencing

Nara Lygia Sobreira (Medicine), Christopher Bradburne (Applied Physics Lab), Michael Schatz* (Engineering) & David Valle (Medicine)

*Shown above

Picture of Natalia Trayanova, Mauro Maggioni, and Steven Jones

Novel Methods for Non-Invasive Assessment of Myocardial Fibrosis Complexity and Disorganization to Predict Ventricular Arrhythmias

Jonathan Chrispin (Medicine), Katherine Wu (Medicine), Mauro Maggioni* (Engineering), Steven Jones* (Medicine), David Okada (Medicine) & Natalia Trayanova* (Engineering)

*Natalia Trayanova, Mauro Maggioni, and Steven Jones, shown left to right

Picture of Tamas Budavari and Alex Szalay

Uncovering Forbidden Fruit

Patricia McGuiggan (Engineering), Tamas Budavari* (Engineering), Jennifer Jarvis (Libraries), Andrea Hall (Libraries) & Alex Szalay* (Arts & Sciences)

*Tamas Budavari and Alex Szalay, shown left to right