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PAR 17-214

NIA intends to support studies most likely to meet a major goal of this FOA: to identify and confirm a full set of rare variants contributing to AD phenotypes to enhance the probability of identifying potential therapeutic approaches for risk and prevention. Successful applications are anticipated to involve research conducted by multidisciplinary teams of investigators, and should describe a comprehensive plan to develop leading-edge innovative approaches for the analysis of Whole Genome Sequence (WGS) data. Analysis should encompass the criteria set out by the ADSP Replication Work group for selection of samples under PAR 16-406. In particular, these criteria include racial/ethnic diversity; autopsy-confirmed cases/controls, especially for non-European ancestry; availability of longitudinal data; no age limit for cases; cases unrelated to each other; and availability of comparable controls.

The proposed study should describe a comprehensive plan for the analysis of WGS data to extend previous discoveries that may ultimately result in new directions for AD therapeutics. Both fundamental scientific discovery and leading-edge analytical approaches will likely be needed to achieve the research goals. The study is anticipated to involve research conducted by multidisciplinary teams of investigators including a variety of sequencing centers, geneticists, and statisticians. Funds for computer software and hardware, for bioinformatics and statistical analysis, and for the personnel needed to conduct the analyses will be provided.


February 5, June 5, & October 5, Annually

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