Thank you for your interest in submitting a poster to this year’s Annual Symposium. Please read the following information carefully.


The poster session is open to the greater Johns Hopkins community, including the University, Hospital, Healthcare, Space Telescope, APL, and Peabody. The latest you can register a poster is 5 pm October 16, 2018. We recommend registering your poster as soon as possible, so that we can promote it on our website. After we check your abstract and registration we’ll add your poster abstract to the Symposium section of website. We plan to accommodate all relevant poster presentations.

The Poster Session

The poster session starts at 11:45 am. You or a co-author must be present throughout the poster session.

Please plan to install your poster well before the beginning of the poster session. Poster displays are 91″ wide by 45″ high. You may leave your poster up all day, regardless of whether you attend the afternoon session. If you would like us to take down and store your poster at the end of the day, please let us know. You can pick it up next week from the IDIES administrative office.

Poster Madness

Once again we will have a “Poster Madness” during which poster presenters are asked to show one (and only one) slide, and spend one (and only one) minute talking about their poster. This is a great opportunity to generate interest in your poster. All poster presenters are expected and highly encouraged to participate in Poster Madness. Please let us know as soon as possible if you will be unable to participate.

Poster Madness is scheduled immediately prior to the Poster Session & Lunch Break at 11:45 am.

Please send or upload a single slide for Poster Madness to by 5 pm EST, Thursday, October 18th. You may submit a PDF, PowerPoint presentation, JPG, PNG, or a URL. We’ll add your slide to a Poster Madness presentation which will be ready when you get to the podium.

Best Student Poster

The IDIES Executive Committee will present a award for the Best Student Poster at the Symposium. To be eligible for this, a poster’s first and presenting author must be must be a Student Member of IDIES. You may join IDIES at any time prior to the Symposium to be considered for this award.

Virtual Posters Online

Once you’ve completed your poster and are ready to print it, please also send us a PDF of your full final presentation for inclusion on the Symposium section of the IDIES website. After the Symposium will display your full poster on the IDIES website. This is optional, but highly encouraged.

We can’t wait to see what you have in store for us this year!

Poster submissions are closed.