Public Datasets

An incubator for creating, curating, and publishing new data sets, IDIES research centers around the generation and analysis of very large scientific databases. Several of these public online databases have been developed, including:

Other Datasets

IDIES researchers are also involved in other data-intensive engineering and science projects, such as:

U.S. Virtual Astronomical Observatory

JHU is a lead institution for the U.S. Virtual Astronomical Observatory, an effort to make all the astronomy datasets in the country easily searchable online.


IDIES researchers are building the science database for the Panoramic Survey Telescope & Rapid Response System, a telescope project to find killer asteroids that will generate more than a petabyte of data.

Large Synoptic Survey Telescope

The 8.4-meter LSST surveys the entire visible sky deeply in multiple colors every week with its three-billion pixel digital camera, generating hundreds of petabytes.

Open Cloud Consortium

JHU is part of the Open Cloud Consortium, which is exploring the boundaries of the newly emerging cloud computing paradigm, connected with a special high-speed network to Chicago and beyond.

IDIES is also involved in developing datasets that include:

  • Innovative simulations of earthquake formation, at the state of the art level
  • Collaborating with the JHU School of Medicine on OncoSpace, a new concept for large analytic databases to be used in radiation oncology
  • Offering a postdoctoral fellowship program funded by the Moore and Keck Foundations for six postdocs working in innovative projects related to data-intensive computing
  • Collaborating with the JHU Sheridan Libraries on an overlay Journal for data for the astronomy community

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