The Bloomberg Data Center is currently home to a number of special computing facilities run by IDIES members. These include the Homewood High Performance Cluster, the Data-Scope, and the Graphics Processor Laboratory. The Center is home to its own data-intensive project, with sensors monitoring the temperature, power consumption, air flow and other operating conditions.

The Bloomberg 156 Data Center was renovated with support from the National Science Foundation through Grant OCI-0963185 “Advanced CyberInfrastructure for High Performance, Data Intensive Computing.” It was designed to provide an efficient, flexible and stable environment for operating, constructing and coupling a heterogeneous collection of hardware with special capabilities. The facility opened in summer of 2011 and can support 100 racks of equipment drawing up to 750kW. The grant also enabled upgrades of the campus network to 10Gig so that data in the center can be accessed rapidly throughout campus and shared through Internet2. Another NSF grant “Collaborative Research: 100G Connectivity for Data-Intensive Computing at JHU” (OCI-1137045) is providing this facility with 100Gig connectivity to College Park and Internet2.