Seeking Data Professional to join Advisory Committee for NSF Grant

The Carnegie Institution for Science in Baltimore is searching for a data professional to sit on the advisory committee for the NSF funded science outreach program BioEYES ( BioEYES is a joint effort Project partners for the NSF grant include BioEYES at the Carnegie Institution for Science and the University of Pennsylvania, the Johns Hopkins University School of Education, the Baltimore City Public Schools, and the Maryland Business Roundtable for Education. Travel costs will be reimbursed. Letters of interest must be received no later than November 7, 2015 (earlier is better).

CIS are building an online, collaborative science exploration based on Project BioEYES (see bottom of email for a description) for 7th grade students that will help them build competency in data skills (data input, graphing, comparative data analysis, etc.). Students will be from the Baltimore City Public School district; about 20 schools will be targeted in this grade.

  • Need (summer 2016–summer 2019): 1 data-heavy professional to join our project’s advisory committee. Industry professionals in STEM are preferred. Lower level is okay. IT could also work but not as strong.
  • Role: Provide feedback and recommendations for enhancements on an online website and templates we will create. Provide expertise on how data is used in industry, how collaborative teams work with data in the professional world, and how to integrate workforce skills.
  • Who Benefits: 7th grade teachers and students in Baltimore (20 schools)
  • Time Commitment: 2-4 meetings in year one, in person and/or by phone; ~1 meeting/year in years 2–3. Communication and sharing of the module via email will also occur surrounding these meetings.
  • Letter of commitment Due: November 7, 2015 (earlier is preferred; Valerie can draft something)
  • Project partners: BioEYES, the Johns Hopkins University School of Education, the Baltimore City Public Schools, and the Maryland Business Roundtable for Education.
  • Optional: Serve as an MBRT mentor to teachers (see below)

Maryland Business Roundtable for Education (MBRT) STEM Specialists (Optional)
The Maryland Business Roundtable for Education (MBRT), a coalition of 50 organizations from industry, trains STEM industry professionals to serve as mentors for teachers and classrooms. These mentors are called STEM Specialists. As part of our NSF grant, we are hosting a symposium once/year for the three years of the grant and inviting MBRT STEM Specialists and middle school teachers so they can network and we can match up teachers with folks from industry. STEM Specialists will have the option to virtually mentor and/or visit classrooms (minimum of two/year). To learn more, visit

If you are interested, or would like more information, please contact Valerie Butler.

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