What We Do

IDIES technical staff provide customized consulting to researchers, leveraging their technical knowledge and expertise, to fill in the technical skill gaps in research groups, and recommend or create new tools and approaches to find solutions for their big data/data science needs.

Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data Archive (SDSS), Reount2, Johns Hopkins Turbulence Databases (JHTD), Johns Hopkins Ocean Circulation Models, Gaia, Galexy Evolution Explorer (GALEX), Two-Micron All-Sky Survey (2MASS), Two-degree-Field (2DF) Galaxy Redshift Survey, Faint Images of the Sky at Twenty cm (FIRST), Minor Planet Center Orbital Elements (MPCORB)

IDIES provides a proposal submission service for JHU faculty and researchers who are submitting big data research proposals. IDIES staff will manage the administrative coordination of applications and ensure the timely review and submission of all documentation. Proposals will benefit from our experience in setting up computationally-intensive systems, and integrating with IDIES’s computational resources.