What can we learn from human genomics at scale and how do we get there?

  • Joe Pickrell
  • A Genomics@JHU Seminar
  • When: April 03, 2017, 13:30
  • Where: BSPH E3609 (Genome Café)
    Bloomberg School of Public Health Building
    615 N Wolfe St,
    Baltimore, MD 21205


A primary goal of human genetics is to understand the genetic causes of phenotypic variation. Recent successes in genome-wide association studies have shown that achieving this goal requires collecting and analyzing data at scale. I will discuss projects that center around this thesis. First, I will discuss analyses of the genetics of lifespan in the UK Biobank and the Kaiser Permanente cohort in California. Using genetic risk scores calculated from large genome-wide association studies, we show evidence of a tradeoff between fertility and lifespan in humans, consistent with long-standing hypothesis about the evolution of senescence. Second, I will discuss methodology for scaling genome-wide association studies using ultra-low-coverage sequencing and mobile phenotyping, as implemented through our mobile app Seeq. We show how genotype imputation and ancestry inference can be adapted to this type of data, and that returning results to users is an effective way of recruiting and engaging research participants.

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